We emphatically accept that our work is the introduction of our abilities. Henceforth we don't settle on the nature of work conveyed. The first of our innovation utilized in a business is that mechanization applied to a productive activity will amplify the effectiveness. This empowers us to serve more clients in limited abilities to focus.

The second that automation applied to a wasteful activity will amplify and improve the failure, which is done by our knowledge workers. Incredible organizations are based on extraordinary items, henceforth the work capability of our organization ensures that our items represent us.

A brand is only an insight, and discernment will coordinate reality after some time. Now and again it will be ahead, on different occasions, it will be behind. Yet, the brand is essentially an aggregate impression some have about an item. In any case, our impression is appeared in our item quality by battle full work. The benefit isn't the authentic motivation behind the business. The real reason for business is to give an item or administration that individuals require and do it so well that it's beneficial.

Our long stretches of committed proficient assistance have assisted us with growing our abilities to more noteworthy tallness. We are presently trading our items to customers remaining abroad. We are additionally bringing in items, crude materials from unfamiliar nations to upgrade our assembling abilities.

Processing Raw Materials:Different grades of Brass, Such as Lead-Free Cutting Brass, Copper Aluminium Bronze, etc. other ferrous and non-ferrous metal alloys

Machining Facility:Drilling & Turning & Tapping Machines, Precise Machining and Turning automatic and semi-automatics, Forgings Press, Hydraulic press machines, CNC, VMC machinings (multi-tools working machines) Etc. many types of manually, semi-fully automatically operated specialized and advanced machines

Major Types of Components:Drilling & Turning & Tapping Machines, Electrical components, switchgear/control panels/transformers components, Gas/Air threaded or press fittings parts, automobile parts, fire safety components, defense precise parts, Inserts, Terminals, Stampings, Forgings, valves, Precision Turned Components, Micro Turned Components, Plastic Moulding Inserts, And many other customized components as per customer requires.



Surface & Heat Treatments: Natural, Nickel, Chromium, Tin, and Silver, gold, etc Plattings/coatings. Centrifugal deburring-polishing machines, Vibro finishing machines & Heat treatment as per customer requires we serve.

Designing for the product drawings we have our Design team and different types of design softwares facilities for innovation and develop a new products.

PACKING & PACKAGING :We provide a wide range of special packing & packaging options for our customers. And We can do also as per customer requirements

IF REQUIRE LABELING :From label logos to fully printed packaging with barcode stickers and part numbers or laser marking on a product as per customer requirements.



Our Speciality


                     1. Lead time reduction
                     2. Delivery performance
                     3. Supply chain Responsiveness
                     4. Bottleneck Management

Quality and Product safety

                     5. Control Point Prioritisation
                     6. Quarantine reduction

Cost Price

                     7. Input cost reduction
                     8. Operational Cost reduction
                     9. Asset cost reduction

Our Process